Granting Consent To Process Your Data

If you contact us via an online form published on our website in order for Content Ignite to connect your communication submitted via these forms to aid your requests you will need to grant your consent.

This means you allow us to connect that email address to domains and any other information submitted on the form.

Accompanying any form that submits details to Think Clever Media you will see the following message:

By entering details and clicking this form you grant us consent to use the data submitted according to our “granting consent statement” within our GDPR section. Please read this section before clicking and sending us the data for processing.

What Granting Consent Allows

Granting your consent will allow the owner/manager of the site you are visiting to collect and combine the details you’ve just submitted with:

All data you submit is stored in accordance with our Data Retention policy.

You have the right to withdraw this consent at any time by contacting us in writing. From the date when you withdraw your consent, we will no longer combine your data with information as listed above.

Any data collected and combined from the date when you granted consent until the date of withdrawal would have been lawfully processed.

The legal basis for processing this data, which might include personal data, if you provided any, is Article 6(1)(a) EU General Data Protection Regulation.