Better Ads Standards Compliance

On the 15th of February, Chrome will enable their new ad blocker across all browser versions. They will require all sites to be compliant with the Better Ads Standards. If a site is found to be failing the BAS-test, Google will show this in an Ad Experience Report.

The site will then need to be fixed within 30 days or Chrome will start to block all ads and tracking scripts installed on the site. This will include Content Ignite.

Content Ignite is dedicated to high quality ads, we therefore actively adhere to the better ads standards and will continue to do so.

Things to Keep in Mind:


It’s completely up to Google’s discretion which sites pass and which don’t. Content Ignite has no jurisdiction over their ruling.

Content Ignite advises to take a look at your Ad Experience Report and fix any issues ASAP.

If your site fails, you can ask Google to re-evaluate to work towards getting a passing mark.